Our mission, reflected in our name, is to satisfy as many customers as possible through unparalleled quality, expertise, and the best customer service.

Members of the Better Business Bureau | Sherwin Williams Epoxy Certified

Over a decade ago, George founded Mission Flooring with a genuine passion for craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. In its early days, the company was recognized for its exquisite work with tile, hardwood, vinyl, and marble. However, staying attuned to industry innovations and market demands, our focus has seamlessly shifted and grown. Today, epoxy flooring and concrete polishing stand as our hallmark services.
Under George’s leadership, what began as a solitary venture has now expanded into a dynamic team of forty professionals. Each member is carefully selected, not just for their skills but for their shared vision of treating every flooring project as a unique piece of art. The result? Each project we undertake isn’t just a job completed; it’s a masterpiece crafted.
But at Mission Flooring, our commitment doesn’t stop at expertise alone. We believe in equipping our team with the best. This ethos has led us to invest significantly in top-tier equipment and tools, ensuring we’re not just meeting industry standards but setting them. When you choose Mission Flooring, you’re not just opting for a service—you’re choosing the dedication, innovation, and quality that George envisioned 11 years ago.

Who We Serve


Serving Various Industries with Precision and Quality

Restaurants: Elevate your dining space. Create a safe, stylish, and durable environment for both your staff and customers with our tailored flooring solutions.

Industrial Workspaces: Powering robust solutions. From factories to warehouses, we ensure our epoxy and polished concrete solutions withstand heavy use, elevating the functional aesthetics of your workspace.

Retail Stores: Step into style. Enhance your store’s ambiance and offer your customers a shopping experience on floors that seamlessly blend durability and attractiveness.

Healthcare Facilities: Floors that care. Prioritize hygiene and safety with our specialized, easy-to-clean, non-slip flooring options, meticulously designed for clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare environments.

Schools & Educational Institutions: Foundations for the future. Ensure that students and staff traverse on safe and durable surfaces, resilient to the daily hustle and bustle of academic life.

Office Spaces: Crafted for businesses. Reflect your company’s ethos, professionalism, and style on sleek, modern floors that resonate with quality and leave a lasting impression.

Gyms & Fitness Centers: Built to endure. Our flooring solutions for fitness spaces are resistant to wear and tear, capable of withstanding heavy equipment and consistent foot traffic, all while retaining their shine.


Crafting Unique Flooring Solutions for Every Business Need

Hotels & Resorts: First impressions matter. Offer your guests a luxurious experience from the moment they step in with our high-end, durable flooring solutions.

Shopping Malls: Spanning vast areas, our flooring options for malls ensure longevity and an aesthetic appeal that enhances the shopper’s journey.

Event Spaces: Whether it’s a conference hall or a wedding venue, our flooring stands up to heavy foot traffic and complements the elegance of any event.

Showrooms: Display your products on a backdrop of quality. Our flooring options provide an impeccable finish, ensuring your items are the main attraction.


Creating Homes from the Ground Up


Beyond storage, transform your garage into a functional space with flooring solutions that resist oil, stains, and wear.

Chip System

Our chip system is more than just flooring; it’s a testament to innovative design. This unique blend of aesthetics and toughness is perfect for homeowners who desire both style and durability in their living spaces.

What We Do

At Mission Flooring, we are artists of the ground beneath your feet. Our expertise spans a vast spectrum of flooring solutions tailored to both functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s the shimmering finish of our signature epoxy flooring, the understated elegance of polished concrete, or the robust nature of our chip systems, we deliver excellence every step of the way. From industrial spaces bustling with activity to the cozy corners of a home, our flooring solutions are designed to elevate and endure.

Why We Do It

Our name signifies more than a brand—it embodies our commitment to creating foundational experiences and lasting memories. Each space has a unique story, and we ensure it begins on a quality floor, whether it’s for a child’s first steps, a bustling eatery, or a cozy family gathering. Inspired by our founder, George, our passion is to provide every client with dedicated service, exceptional quality, and a partnership that transforms their vision into reality.

Discover the Mission Flooring difference and elevate your space today.